Almost every player is aware that Super Mario Bros. is among the oldest games. Everything in the game is fixed at its location, but some of the things in the game don’t work as intended. Many players are aware of the Minus World of Mario Bros, but very few players know why it even exists in the game. The Minus World of Super Mario Bros. is also a famous place in the game, but it’s a glitch world.

It is the biggest glitch of Super Mario Bros. that came into the spotlight through “Nintendo Power” magazine in 1988. The Minus World is endless, above the water and ground where players can’t find any spot to escape. Players who play the game regularly and are aware of its glitches can enter into the Minus World.

Why Minus World Exists?

Super Mario World has warp zones that are separated into three different attribute values. All three attributed values appear as three separate textures in the warp zone. It appears at the top of each warp zone pipe. After completing one level or in the middle of any specific level, they get the option of three different levels as 2, 3, 4. When the player enters in a wrapping zone, they simply read the texture ID as numbers at the top of the pipe. When the player selects a pipe, the game sends the player to the World they decide to go using the texture ID.

In World 4-2, there is only one warp zone available that sends the player to World 5. But, if there is only one warp zone, the code or ID still exists. So in this situation, the following three warp ID values are 36, 5, and 36, however, the other text ID remains invisible. The left and the right side of warp zones are invisible, so you only see the warp zone 5. If the visible pipe is connected beneath the two invisible pipes, so players can try to move in World 36.

Warp zone keeps a default warp zone data, so before the loading of main warp zone data, the value of three warp zones remains 36, 5, and 36. It means, if players reach the location before warp zone data loads, they simply have to enter in the far right or far left zone. Players need to perform this activity quite fast. The game will send the player to the World 36-1. However, the World only shows textures and not the written texts, the 36 words will remain invisible, and it will appear as “World -1.”

How to Get There?

To enter the Minus World, you have to be furious. You don’t have to let the game load warp zone’s data. The only method to enter in the left pipe without letting the warp zone load is to get into the warp zone with the help of the right wall. To make this happen, you have to get the mushroom from the first “question marked brick” from 1-1 that turns small Mario into Big Mario. Do not take the mushroom until you reach the warp zone of 1-2. If you messed up something, you could take the mushroom from level 1-2 as well.

After you successfully reach the horizontal pipe, break the second and third number of bricks, and perform crouch at the edge of the pipe. You need to be perfectly fit at the dark green color of the line at the far left side. While Mario crouches, do a jump and tap on the right side to let him enter on the right side of ceiling blocks. To perform this activity, you have to do multiple tries, but after a successful attempt, Mario will enter the wall glitch.

Keep moving toward right and get inside the nearest pipe. The data will not load until then, and you will be transported to the Minus World. The Minus World is an infinity loop world. After entering this World, you cannot escape.


The Minus World is not an official part of the Super Mario Bros., but if any player wants to see another world of Mario, they have to do some extra activity. Unlike the actual Mario world, Minus World is simply a looping path from which you cannot escape.

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